Getting Help—Ashland Writing and Communication Center

The Ashland Writing and Communication Center (WCC), also known as the Writing Lab, is a resource for getting one-on-one help for your writing. Here is the Writing Center home page. Read it over and be sure to watch the two-minute video to learn what it can do for you.

I know that stage fright plus a busy schedule keep many students from making appointments, so I am requiring you to schedule at least four this semester*. (The Writing Coaches are nice people—they will not make you feel foolish.)

* I get an email message from the Writing Coach when you show up. You will receive 10 points for each of the four required visits.

Before your first visit

First you need to set up a new account. The items with a red asterisk * are required. (If you used the Writing Center in previous semesters, you don't need to do this part—just log in with your old information.)

Next, you should read over the How to Use the Writing and Communication Center page.

After that, log into the appointments page and make an appointment. Write down the date and time of your appointment because someone has specifically rearranged his/her day to be there for you. (Note: If you make a habit of missing appointments, you could lose your Writing Center privileges this semester. Keep your appointments!)

Finally, show up on time for your appointment with the material you will need.

English 110—Writing Lab for Credit

This course offers individualized instruction and practice in writing skills for all academic writing assignments, including grammar, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, and the short essay. Graded S/U. May be repeated once for additional credit.

Yes, you can still enroll. Yes, I will allow you to “double-dip.” (If you do four visits to the Lab I will give you credit in this course and they will also count toward your grade in 110.)