Textbooks for this course

This course has no printed textbook; all the readings are available online through Blackboard.

I do, however, believe that a printed grammar handbook would be extremely valuable to you. If you have one from a previous English course, you should keep and use that. If you do not have a grammar handbook, here are some suggestions:

A couple of notes about saving money

I am aware that students arriving in this course come from a variety of backgrounds, and I don't want to require you to buy another expensive book when you already have a perfectly good grammar handbook on your shelf. This is one reason I am saying "Use what you have already got."

When a grammar handbook goes into a new edition, you can usually pick up a copy of the previous edition through Amazon or a used book store for just a few dollars. In most cases, the difference between the old edition and the newer one is that the MLA or APA citation style has changed. You can get around that problem by using a service such as Noodletools to help you format your citations.

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