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Taking Notes in Class


Cell phones

People who are messing with a phone in class are not taking notes. The cell phone format will not allow you to do that very well.

I do not normally take cell phones away from phone addicts because they will be getting a "D" anyhow due to being totally tuned out of the college experience.



People who show up to class empty-handed assume that the only reason to be here is to somehow accumulate points. They assume that they will get a college degree if they simply sit in a chair for a certain number of hours.

Don't worry about them. They will be on academic probation at the end of their first semester and out of here after their second semester.

What you are trying to do

You take notes for several basic purposes:

  1. Housekeeping: Assignment changes, class cancellations, and the like. You absolutely need to know these things.
  2. Information that is not in the reading: Your instructor is an expert in the field. If you want to learn the latest and best material, you listen to the lecture.
  3. How it all fits together: You might be overwhelmed by a lot of information that seems random. A good lecture (plus answers to good student questions) can show you the shape of all this information.

This is a quick YouTube Video overview of note-taking. If you have never taken notes in class and you would like more help, stop by the Center for Academic Support and ask about the Freshman Success Seminar.

Some final observations

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