Grade Policies

Paper Revisions

You may revise two of your first four papers. Here are the rules:

  1. I will not regrade papers that received a "C+" (77%) or better, though you are welcome to discuss revision at any time.
  2. You must submit the original (and its grade sheet) along with the revised copy. Simply paper-clip the package together and hand it to me.
  3. You will mark your revision in some way to show what you have done differently. I do not intend to do a line-by-line comparison to try to figure out what changed.
  4. You will submit a memo with your original and revised copies, telling me what you did to revise the paper.
  5. Rewrites are due two weeks (14 days) after the paper is returned to you. The last-second revisions on the last day of class are just attempts to grab a few extra points; you don't learn anything about writing by doing them and they are a great hardship on your teacher.
  6. If your "revision" consists entirely of following my instructions on such items as punctuation and spelling, your grade will not change. I did the revision; you just copied it.

Many student papers have trouble with sentence structure, and often the "revisions" are no better than the first attempt. If you truly do not know what I mean (or what to do about it) when I write R.O. or Mixed Struct. or Frag., ask for help. Consult the Writing Center or come to me. Don't just make a random change hoping that things will get better if you guess.

  1. If your changes do not actually make things better (for example, if you revise a sentence fragment and it turns into another kind of sentence structure flaw or remains a fragment), your grade will not change.
  2. If your revision shows that you are not paying attention to items I have marked on your paper, your grade will not change.
  3. If your revision is an attempt to deal with points you lost for turning in a late paper, it must be a substantial revision. If you simply resubmit the same paper, nothing changes.

Plagiarized papers

If a paper has received a zero because of plagiarism, it cannot be revised for a better grade.

Last day to submit

The syllabus assignment schedule has a date marked Today is the last day you can submit any written work, either for the first time or revised. If you submit a revision after this date, it will be ignored.

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