Covid Policies for Our Course

As I write this on the last Friday before classes begin, I must say that Ashland University has done quite well at protecting the health of our campus community. We are not done with Covid yet, but we can have a (somewhat) normal academic life. According to President Campo, we do not have any current plans to return to distance or hybrid course format, but we will continue the mask mandate. We still must deal with Covid-related issues:

Required Covid testing for all undergrads

This is a campus-wide policy. All undergraduate students participating in face-to-face instruction, meetings, activities, and/or events during the spring semester on the main campus in Ashland or in Mansfield at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, regardless of vaccination status, are required to test.

Monday, Jan. 10, and Tuesday, Jan. 11, from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Testing will take place at 709 Claremont Ave. (the former Studio Rise building behind Vines Bakery).

The only exceptions to this testing include:

Mask requirement for our course

To participate in our English course, you must wear a well-fitting mask which covers your mouth and nose, AND you must actually wear it so the mask really does cover your mouth and your nose!

Nose hanging out or wearing the mask on your chin

You will get one warning. The second time, you will be asked to leave the room. You have had two years to figure out how to wear a mask, and I am certain that your nose is smaller than mine. The health of your fellow students is more important than your freedom to look cool.

Eating in class

Besides the mess and distraction (I had one student who set up a picnic every time we met), there is no way you can eat and keep your mask on. And after all, you cannot pay much attention to the English class when you are dining. So here is the rule: No eating in our English class!

Late papers

The late paper policy for our course is fairly strict:

Covid problems

  1. If you miss a paper deadline, you now have TWO papers to deal with: the late one and the next one on the list, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
  2. At the end of the course, your instructor has a deadline for submitting grades, so an avalanche of late papers creates an enormous problem.
  3. Students who routinely submit late papers (especially the ones who turn in two or three in a stack) almost never do well in the course.
  4. Covid distance education made some of us lazy, to the point where we thought of school as an interruption in our lives.


I am going to stick closely to the policy above. If you are ill or quarantined, that memo becomes very important because it will help me decide whether to waive the penalty for the paper being late.


The attendance policies are detailed in the course syllabus. I have attempted to put a lot of our course material online for the sake of people who are stuck at home due to quarantine or illness. The general policies are explained in our syllabus and in this web page. I would add two things:

One more thing…

We really do not know the future of the virus or the public health situation in our university, so we all need to stay loose, try to do our best, and cooperate. DO keep up with such things as campus-wide announcements and your email. We might have to make changes as the semester unfolds.

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