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How to Use the Writing Center

The University Writing Center is a free service provided by the University to help you write better. When you go to the Writing Center, you will meet with a Writing Assistant, an upper-level student who is familiar with the English Department and trained to help you write to the best of your ability.

Making the best use of the Writing Center

Two Writing Center websites you need

The Writing Center and grades

Students will sometimes say, "How could you give me a poor grade on this paper? The Writing Assistant said it was just fine."

You need to realize that you were asking an unfair question. You were asking a fellow student (who has not attended any of our class sessions) to grade your paper. And you acted as if the fellow student's opinion was a contract.

To make matters worse, if your Writing Center sessions were focused on one aspect of writing (for example, sentence structure), and the instructor gave you a poor grade because of something different (for example, content and development), your question becomes even more unfair, both to the Writing Assistant and to the instructor.

A word about English 110 Writing Laboratory

This course offers individualized instruction and practice in writing skills or all academic writing assignments, including grammar, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, and the short essay. Graded S/U. May be repeated once for additional credit.

This is probably the least stressful course in the university. Essentially, it is getting credit for showing up at the Writing Center and working on your essays.

WARNING! This really is a course! It's not a matter of showing up when you feel like it, so students who do not take it seriously get a "U" grade on their transcripts.

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