Downloading a Document from MS Word Online

If you are using the online version of MS Office 365 (the one offered free through the Ashland IT Department), you cannot simply drop a Sharepoint link into Blackboard for peer editing or to submit an essay. Here’s what you must do to download a copy you can use in those programs:

First, rename your file. You don’t want all of your files to be called “Document.docx.”

  1. Open the File menu.
  2. Select Save As.
  3. Select Rename.
  4. Type something in the box that will help you find this file. A name such as “John Doe Essay 1” would help all of us.
  5. Click anywhere back in your original document.

Next, download a copy of the file to your computer.

  1. Open the File menu.
  2. Select Save As.
  3. Select Download a Copy. (You will get a confirmation screen, and your answer should be  Download a Copy .)
  4. A docx file will land on your computer, probably in the “Downloads” folder. This is the file you will upload to Blackboard.

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