Uploading Essays to Blackboard

Note #1:

References below to "Essay Drop Boxes" do NOT refer to the commercial program available from dropbox.com. Do NOT Google "dropbox" to figure out how to submit your paper. Follow the instructions below.

Note #2:

If you do not choose to follow the instructions in Step #1 below, the instructor reserves the right to deduct five points for the extra work involved in figuring out your file format. If you submit something that cannot be read by ordinary computer programs, you do not receive a grade for the paper because there is nothing to grade.

Note #3:

If your only computer experience is Twitter and Snapchat, there is no shame in asking for help.

To submit the essay

  1. Save your essay in MS Word docx format.
  2. Open the Blackboard site for this course.
  3. Go to the dark grey menu on the left and click the link to "Start Here." (By default this is where you land when you open the Blackboard site.)
  4. Open the folder named "Essay Drop Boxes."
  5. Find the drop box for your essay in the folder.
  6. Click the heavy black name of the assignment. (If you click the smaller blue This is the assignment for this essay, you will simply get the assignment sheet, not the drop box.)
  7. Find the box labeled "Attach Files." It's surrounded by a heavy black dashed line.
  8. Click the grey "Browse My Computer" box.
  9. Navigate around your computer files and find the file for the essay you are submitting.
  10. Click the name of the file.
  11. Click the blue "Open" button.
  12. Click the black "Submit" button.

The drop boxes stay open for five school days after the due date (though of course you will receive a penalty for late papers). If you need to submit a paper which is more than five days late, print it out and bring it to class, along with a memo explaining the reason for the lateness.