How to export an Apple Pages document to MS Word

The first time you save your new document, the default file name is “Untitled.” You can do better than that! Try for something that will help you figure out what this file is (and something that will help future readers when you upload it). Something like “John Doe Essay 1” would be excellent.

After you have done all your writing and editing, save your Pages document in the usual way. Then:

  1. Click File in the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click Export to >
  3. In the pop-out menu, click Word…
  4. In the next menu, do not click “Require password to open.” Click Next…
  5. In the next menu, assuming you have specified a smarter name than “Untitled,” the “Save As” window should show the right name. I suggest you drop the “Where” menu down to “Downloads.” Click the  Export  button.
  6. Your file will land in the “Downloads” folder.

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