Academic Probation

Every Spring, usually around the 14th or 15th week, I get desperate email messages. Sometimes they come in at the end of Finals Week, after all the student work has been submitted:

HELP!!! I'm on academic probation and I absolutely NEED a "B" in this class or I will have to leave the school!!! What can I do to raise my grade???

The main problem with these desperate appeals is that they are about 12 weeks too late. All the papers have been written, the homework submitted, and the damage done, both in my course and in all your other courses. Here is my advice (and I am posting this in the first week of class because you need it now).

If you know you are on academic probation, if you suspect you might be, or if you are simply worried about your grades:

Student arrogance is a major cause of poor grades.

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