Proposal Memo

What is your thesis or research question (the thing about your topic you want to find out)? Andrew Sullivan's 2003 Time magazine article, "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage," written before gay marriage was legalized in the USA, claimed that gay marriage would enable LGBTQI youth to "see their future as part of family life." The central question is whether it worked; specifically, are gay youth more inclined to see themselves as part of the larger society now or are they still "other," both in their own eyes and in the eyes of the community?

What two or three outside scholarly sources do you plan on using?

What's the whole point of this topic? LGBTQI youth have always been at higher risk of suicide and have been treated as "other." The current "culture wars" tend to accentuate this "otherness," so as a teacher I am concerned for the welfare of my students and want to know if this one step toward a more settled life has helped.