English 102 Short Assignment

Preparing for the Synthesis Paper: Thesis Memo

The assignment:

For this assignment, you will submit a memo, addressed to your teacher, giving your thesis sentence and the main points you will use to prove that thesis.

A "thesis sentence" is a single declarative sentence. It is not a question. It is not your entire opening paragraph. It is not a story describing your research process. It is the central point you intend to prove.

You should expect only three to five main points. In a paper this short (and yes, this is a short paper), you do not have the space to develop ten or fifteen major points. If you have that many major points, the best you can do in a paper this short is simply name them, then jump ahead to the next. Narrow things down: You can only really succeed in discussing three to five items.

Mechanical details:

Due date:

This assignment counts as a quiz.

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