English 102 Proposal Memo

Preparing for the Synthesis Paper: Research Paper Proposal

The assignment:

In a brief memo addressed to your instructor propose a topic for your research/synthesis paper and include a brief discussion of how you might approach this topic.

Please discuss the following (in numbered paragraphs):

  1. Your general topic. In no more than three sentences, what do you expect to write about? Be specific; be concise.
  2. Your intended audience. Who, specifically, are you writing to? If you say, "anyone who is interested in this topic" or "anyone who is reading this paper," that means you don't have a clue who your audience is.
  3. Your voice. Informer? Advocate? What do you mean when you say that?
  4. Your tentative thesis. This will be one single declarative sentence that sums up your paper (so far as you are able at this point).

Mechanical details:

Due date:

This assignment is worth 10 points.

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