Essay #3 Tip Sheet

Essay #3: Rhetorical Analysis

Begin by reading:

Your writing task:

Choose one of the essays above and write a four-page essay which analyzes the rhetoric—the way the piece is written and the choices made by the author.

Writing schedule:

  1.  Think  Monday, February 14 through Wednesday, February 16
  2.  Gather  Thursday, February 17 through Tuesday, February 22
  3.  Draft  Thursday, February 24 through Tuesday, March 1
  4.  Peer Edit  March 2
  5.  Revise  Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4


One big question: How is this assignment different from the reading response? The two assignments are similar in many ways—so similar that you should look back over the tip sheet for the reading response assignment—but the main difference is that here you are discussing the author's strategy, not just the way the piece affected you. Why does Mairs begin her piece in a public restroom? Why is that clueless hiker so early (and so prominent) in the Haile essay? Why did the author choose that particular title for the essay? How do the title and the early incident work to introduce the author's main idea?


Some questions to stir your thinking:

Hints for success:

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