English 102 Short Assignment

Preparing for the Synthesis Paper: Annotated Bibliography

The assignment:

For this assignment, you will submit an annotated bibliography of the sources you have inspected so far. Here are the rules:

  1. The citation will be in the MLA style you will use for the Works Cited page.
  2. You will include a discussion of the appropriateness and quality of the resource.
  3. It is just fine to include items you have inspected and rejected. In fact, that kind of discussion should help you with your final paper.
  4. You certainly may use resources you find after submitting this assignment. This is not a limiting contract.
  5. When you make the Works Cited page for your final copy of the synthesis/research paper, do not simply copy the annotated bibliography. Here's why:

Mechanical details:

Due date:

This assignment is worth 25 points.

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