Student Sample Essay

Trucks and Cars

Trucks and cars are some of the most highly demanded goods in today's society. For example, they are used in everyday transportation from one place to another. Trucks and cars are very similar. However, there is quite a difference in characteristics, value, and the way they are used.

Certain characteristics play a major role in the differences between trucks and cars. The truck is usually manufactured larger and is capable of hauling and towing heavier weight. Trucks generally have larger tires, stronger springs and shocks and sometimes have four-wheel drive, to use in those hard-to-get-to places! Cars on the other hand are made to look more classy and are known to have better luxury. They are also commonly used to transport family and friends to their destination. With these differences trucks and cars can be easily identified.

Even though they have a lot of similar values, differences exist between trucks and cars. Usually trucks and cars sell off the lot for similar prices. However, the more the vehicle is used the more it depreciates in value. But, cars seem to depreciate more than trucks. When you purchase a vehicle, car or truck, the depreciation also depends on how many luxury items one purchased on that vehicle. The more one purchases on their vehicle the more it will be worth in years to come.

Finally, though it may not be characteristic or value, differences in the uses of cars and trucks exist. Trucks are used for their strength and durability, while cars are used for class and luxury. For example, you would not normally see a car hauling a load of wood through the forest. On the other hand, it would not be common to see the President riding in a full size truck on his way to the Pentagon, hauling his draft horses behind. Also, trucks can be easily used for outdoor pleasure when riding quads and moving from one house to another. It is known that you see a truck pulling a car, not a car pulling a truck. It is called a "tow truck," not a "tow car!" Just for some light humor!! Even though these are just examples, every person is entitled to their own opinion of what their vehicle can be used for.

Trucks and cars may seem similar because of their uses for transportation. Their obvious differences lie in characteristics, value, and uses.