Time Budget for Essay #2

This is an absolute truth for students:

If you wait until the last minute to write a paper, you will be tempted to cheat and your final product will be terrible.

With this thought in mind, I have adapted the writing schedule from the Budgeting Your Time to Complete a Research Paper website to fit our situation. Following this advice will not guarantee you a good grade, but it is certainly better than trying to slam a paper together in the last hour before class begins.

Essay #2: Explanation (Expository) Essay

  1. Selecting a topic (includes preliminary reading): 2 days. Friday, January 25 – Saturday, January 26
  2. Finding something to say (finding and evaluating sources, note taking): 4 days. Sunday, January 27 – Wednesday, January 31
  3. Designing the paper (creating a thesis statement, choosing a structure, identifying subtopics, outlining): 1 day. Thursday, January 31
  4. Writing first draft: 4 days. Friday, February 1 – Monday, February 4
  5. Writing final draft: 2 days. Tuesday, February 5 – Wednesday, February 6
  6. Finishing touches (final grammar/spelling check, format check, etc.): 1 day. February 7

The paper is due at the start of class on Friday, February 8.

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