Essay Tip Sheet #2

Essay #2: Literacy Narrative

The Writing Assignment

For this assignment, you will create a Literacy Narrative, an account of how reading has affected your life. Go beyond the simple narrative—include memories and images that will help the reader to become part of your world. Think about cause and effect. What did you learn about yourself? Why was that significant?

Unfamiliar Ground

You have probably never read anything like this, so you need a starting point. "A Visit to White's Farm" isn't quite a literacy narrative because it is written from the viewpoint of someone watching the reaction of the children, but it does begin to touch on the ways literature affected them in their earlier lives. The Literacy Narrative by Amelia Angulo is a better example of what you are aiming at.

This tutorial on writing a literacy narrative walks you through the process, and it includes another student-written example.

Hints for Success

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