Essay Tip Sheet #1

Essay #1: Opening Essay

The Writing Assignment

Describe the most important piece of writing you have ever done and tell why it was so important.

Hints for Success

  1. Reminder from the assignment sheet: The writing does not have to be a school piece; it can be a job application, an apology letter, or anything else that turned out to be important. You get to define what "important" means—perhaps it was important to you but not to anyone else.
  2. Note that you need to perform two tasks:
    1. Describe the most important piece of writing you have ever done.
    2. Tell why it was so important. (This really amounts to a brief cause/effect discussion.)
  3. Your primary audience for this essay is your instructor; your secondary audience is other students like yourself. This means that:
  4. Though this is a personal essay, it should also be an academic essay, so leave out words such as "gonna" and "wanna." Do not use neighborhood slang in this essay.
  5. First-person pronouns (I, me, my, we, us our) are perfectly acceptable. The Kristi Stone essay would not have been better if she had written like this:
  6. After a taste of success, writing became an obsession. One liked it almost as much as chocolate. As this writer moved from one grade to the next, the praise continued to follow. A little less explosive than fourth grade, but adequate. Eventually as the joy of expressing thought on paper palled a little, a new thought hit one: Honey, there's money in this.

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