Student Sample Essay

A Day In The Woods

"Why don't you come over to my house", said my friend Bill. "sure I said without knowing what was a head of me. When we got to the house I was already frightened from all the trees we had gone by. Being from the city I was not used to seeing all this green. His house was beautiful, it was on a lake and it was at a location where not a lot of people travel through.

It was the first time I had met Bill's father Mr. Canaly. He was a huge man, he looked built and he was just looking very intimidating, like if you said anything to him he will just go crazy on you. I started talking to him for a while and found out some interesting things about him. He likes taking walks behind his house in the forest. I myself am terrified of the forest because of all the trees which surrounds me or it. and also I do not like animals at all. Its not that I don't like them around but that I am afraid of them. any little thing would have shit my pants because I am just a chicken shit.

Mr. Canaly asked me and Bill if we wanted to take a walk with him to get some fresh air. I had asked him where and he said out back in the wilderness. Well my answer was certainly no, but some how they had talked me into it. Bill and I were waiting outside for Mr. Canaly. When he walked out side he was camouflaged in some kind of tree colored pants and shirt, he had also brought a gun along. I asked him why he brought the gun and he said it was for protection. "Protection from what", I told him, he said "from the predators in the woods". "Good enough", I said.

We started walking, and I was getting tired quickly so I had asked them if I can sit and chill for a while. They said yes so we sat down for about ten minutes. All of a sudden Mr. Canaly tells us to shut up. He pulled out his gun and shot a fox, which was just getting a drink of water from a brook. I was scared shit because I had no clue why he would kill something that did not do a damn thing to us. he said "that it will pay next month's phone bill", "that was the biggest one yet". Bill and him were laughing while I was trying to hold back tears.

We started to walk back, Bill was carrying the fox back by its back legs and the head just dragging on the ground hitting every rock that we passed by. "bong, bong, bong, bong" is all I heard from the scull of the fox, which was showing from all the times it was scrapped from the rocks. I was trying to hold back my vomit, it was hard because it kept on coming up and to my throat just barely touching my tongue.

Mr. Canaly took the fox to his work area and I think he was skinning it because all you could here was slashing noises. I had asked Bill to take me home, so I can get away from all this shit which was going on.

I got back to Boston and as soon as I walked into my house, my mother wanted to show me something. She had me sit down and she walked into the other room. She came out wear a fur coat. It was basically the same color as the one Mr. Canaly had killed, reddish brown. I was just trying to hold back my tears.