Critique Example: Academic Article

I found this example buried pretty deep in a "How to write a critique" website. It's good as far as it goes (and the editors pointed out that it had been condensed). The one change I made was in the first paragraph, where the author refers to Hunter Allen by first name—a common error, but just too familiar for this kind of writing. The website itself gives a good overview of the whole process.

In the article “Anxiety among students: Higher anxiety levels found in new students,” Hunter Allen examined the impact of anxiety across all levels of college students. He argued that students just entering college or who are in their first year of school have higher anxiety levels than those in their later college years. Researchers have previously noted this to be true, so Allen’s article is supported by this. His writing shows significant results that illustrate the amount of anxiety experienced by newer undergraduate students that are supported by his research of a sample of students.

Allen used a sample of 50 incoming and current college students to study the impact of anxiety on students in different years of their studies. He collected several relevant details, including demographic information, previous histories of anxiety and measurements of anxiety at various points throughout the study. He discussed the important topic of student mental health and its impact on college-aged individuals.

Allen found significant results in his study that showed that newer students experienced more anxiety than students who have been in college for one year or more. Out of the 50 students analyzed, all but two new college students had higher anxiety ratings than those in their later years of college. This shows how entering college impacts a person’s anxiety levels negatively.

While Allen’s findings were certainly significant, his sample size was very small, making it difficult to generalize the findings of his study. Additionally, the students he analyzed all went to the same college in California, which also limits the ability to generalize these findings across all student populations.

Overall, Allen’s work is an important asset to higher education and mental health among younger individuals in general. Further research is needed to allow for a more thorough analysis of anxiety among college students to effectively show the impact of entering college on anxiety levels.

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