English 101 Essay #2

Literacy Narrative

Begin by reading "A Visit to White's Farm" (which is not quite a literacy narrative) and the two student narratives (One by Amelia Angulo and another by Shannon Nichols) linked in the Week 3 folder.

Your Writing Task

For this assignment, you will create a Literacy Narrative, a story about reading and writing similar to the student examples. Go beyond the simple narrative—include memories and images that will help the reader to become part of your world. Think about cause and effect. What did you learn about yourself? Why was that significant?

What if I don't have any warm, fuzzy stories?

What do you have?

Mechanical details:

Length: The equivalent of a four-page paper. A four-page paper should be between 1200 and 1440 words long, not counting title, your name, etc.

Format: Standard MLA format. (12-point Times Roman type, double-spaced, 1" margin all around, MLA header.)

Submitting the paper:

Due Date

This essay is worth 100 points.