Essay #1 Tip Sheet

Essay #1: Responding to Calvin Coolidge

Begin by reading:

Three Quotations from Calvin Coolidge

The writing assignment:

Write a brief response to the three quotations from Coolidge, focusing particularly on the purpose of education as he saw it and the purpose of education as you see it.


Down through the centuries, many proposals concerning the real purpose of education have been advanced:

I am sure there are others (and yes, I've been told all of these things). Coolidge presents yet another instrumental suggestion: a country which is governed by the population rather than by an absolute ruler (king, dictator, or emperor) needs that population to be educated.

This semester will focus on the process of education and writing, so as a beginning point, consider the possibilities I've suggested for the purposes of education, consider what Coolidge has said, consider what you yourself consider to be the reasons for education, and write a response to Coolidge.

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