Tip Sheet

Essay #3: Arguing a Point

Your Writing Task:

Choose one of these two directions and craft your thesis and essay to support the point:

  1. It is not the business of high school or college to teach "basic life skills" (changing a tire, frying an egg, sorting laundry, or filling in a tax form). A smart person will pick these skills up; schools should focus on academic subjects.
  2. Because of the breakdown in traditional family and village structure, there is no way a young person can learn "basic life skills," so schools which want to produce successful adults really should have specific courses to teach these skills.

Choose a side; give reasons for your choice and a possible strategy for dealing with Petre's problem.

Suggestions for Success:

Examples and illustrations exist to make your point more vivid, not to simply provide entertainment (or to fill up the essay length requirement).

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