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College Writing Improvement Syllabus
English 100 sections B, C, and K – 3 credits
Fall 2020

Course Number & Title: ENG 100, College Writing Improvement
Department: English
Term: Fall 2020
Prerequisites: Placement
Fees & Charges: $25 course fee (Writing Center)
Credits: 3

Instructor Name: Curtis Allen
Section Numbers: B, C, and K
Class Times and Locations: (Note that this is a hybrid course, so the class is divided into three groups, each of which only comes to class one day per week. The remaining instruction is online.)
Section B: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, 9 to 9:50 AM in Dauch 107
Section C: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, 10 to 10:50 AM in Dauch 249
Section K: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, 8 to 8:50 AM in Dauch 107
Office Hours & Location: Time and place by appointment
Instructor Email:
My ordinary working hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. If you e-mail me outside of those hours (middle of the night or Sunday morning, for example) you probably will not get a response from me until my next working hours.
Instructor Telephone: 419-289-5643
Instructor's mailbox: in Bixler 217

This course format consistently meets the same quality, assessment, learning outcomes, and requirements of the traditional face-to-face semester offering of this course. For fall 2020, the sessions for this class may be offered 100% face-to-face in a physical classroom (with remote access for pre-scheduled students), 100% face-to-face virtually using technologies such as Zoom or Collaborate, as a combination of face-to-face sessions and digital activities/lectures (virtually or in-person), or as a combination of any of these elements. In the event of extended disruptions of normal classroom activities due to the pandemic, the format for this course may be modified to utilize 100% face-to-face virtual/digital classroom sessions.

Catalog Description

This course focuses on fundamentals of grammatical form and compositional structure in order to improve writing skills required for college-level papers. Students are placed in the course by ACT/SAT scores and high school records. This course is graded S/U; a grade of U requires that the course be repeated until the student achieves an S. It does not satisfy the Core composition requirement and is not open to students with credit in ENG 101 or 102. One section is designated for international students.

Student learning outcomes for this course

  1. Read actively, in order to comprehend and summarize readings.
  2. Read critically, in order to analyze, evaluate and synthesize college readings. Students will also explain how the context of both the reader and the text influence their meaning-making process.
  3. Write expository essays which integrate and synthesize course readings and are clearly focused, fully developed, and logically organized.
  4. Compose essays with sentences which display a developing syntactical maturity and whose meaning is not impaired by excessive grammar, usage and proofreading errors.
  5. Articulate an awareness of their own reading, thinking, and writing processes.

Academic Integrity Policy

Ashland University community strives to model leadership that is based upon Christian beliefs and virtues and that will encourage, develop and sustain men and women of character to serve their professions, their communities, and the world (AU Statement of Ethical Leadership). As members of Ashland University, students hold themselves to the highest standards of academic, personal and social integrity (Ashland University Campus Creed). In keeping with the Ashland University commitment to the highest standards of academic, personal and social integrity, students are expected to abide by the academic integrity standards outlined in this policy.

In addition to plagiarism, fabrication, and cheating, stealing, buying or otherwise obtaining all or part of graded coursework is considered a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. When a faculty member has not observed a student violating any part of the policy but possesses a firm conviction of academic dishonesty, based on competent and probative evidence, an allegation may be filed with the Director of Records and Registration. A full Academic Integrity Policy document can be found in the student handbook.

Please note:

Academic Support Services

The Undergraduate Center for Academic Support is designed to be a central location that provides students with resources such as professional academic advising and peer tutoring. The staff emphasizes social, personal, and academic success and advisors assist students with degree planning, course registration, campus resources, academic success strategies, and understanding University policies and procedures. The Center for Academic Support is located on the seventh floor of the library. For more information, visit their website at Other academic support services include:

1. Tutoring Services

The Tutoring Programs Office is a part of the Academic Support Center on the seventh floor of the Library. We provide academic support for the undergraduate students with free peer tutoring in any of the undergraduate courses and soft skills: Time management, study skills, note taking, and test taking strategies. One-on-one tutoring can assist you, small study group, or in a drop-in help session. Please request tutoring by filling out the form on the online tutoring page, then click on Request a Tutor link. Any questions: Denisia Stoops, Coordinator, or 419-207-6779.

You can also use the QR below to request a tutor:

QR Link

2. Student Accessibility Services Statement

It is Ashland University's goal that learning experiences be as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience physical or academic barriers based on a disability, please contact the Student Accessibility Center at 419-289-5904, or send an email to The Student Accessibility Center and the course instructor will work together in order to establish accommodations, and to meet your learning needs.

3. Ashland Multiliteracy Center (AMuLit Center)

The writing center has expanded services to become the Ashland Multiliteracy Center for Writing, Speaking, and Digital Communication, or AMuLit Center for short.

4. The AU Counseling Services and Healthy Minds App

At Ashland University, there is a place on campus that will help you pursue your academic and personal goals. Personal counseling services are FREE to all students and are designed to enhance the quality of your university experience. Ashland University provides personal, social, academic or career counseling related services to address a variety of students' needs. Students are also encouraged to get the Ashland Healthy Mind app, available on Android and Apple devices. This app provides tips and tools for stress prevention and management, health services, meditation, calming media, anxiety reduction, and highlights the Ashland University and Community mental health related services. To contact Counseling Services at AU call 419289-5307.

Required text and materials

Note: The campus bookstore has the books you need. Edition number is important for college textbooks. If you find a bargain and buy an older edition of America Now, you will not find all the assigned readings.

Recommended course materials

Course Assignments

Essay #1 50 points
Essay #2 75 points
Essay #3 75 points
Essay #4 100 points
Essay #5 75 points
9 Short Responses @ 10 pts. 90 points
4 Peer Editing @ 10 pts. 40 points
4 Writing Center visits @ 10 pts. 40 points
10 Grammar Quizzes @ 10 pts. 100 points
Total 645 points

Course Grading Scale (%)
A = 93-100B– = 80-82.9
A– = 90-92.9C+ = 76-79.9
B+ = 86-89.9C = 73-75.9
B = 83-85.9C– = 70-72.9
U = 69.9 and below


You may rewrite two of your first four major essays and submit them for an improved grade. Here are the rules:

  1. Papers that received a C (73%) or better will not be regraded.
  2. You will submit the original paper with its grade sheet along with the revised paper and a memo discussing the changes you made and the reasons for the changes.

Note that simply typing in corrections suggested by the instructor (punctuation, spelling, etc.) will not generally result in an improved grade.

Submitting Papers

To facilitate English Department evaluations, we are asking you to upload your essays as electronic copies to the Blackboard drop box. If the only copy available for grading is blank or otherwise unreadable, you will get a zero for the assignment. If you submit a copy that cannot be read, you will be notified and given a chance to load a readable copy, but there is no way a grade can be assigned to a blank page or a page of gibberish.

Grading Policies

Attendance Policies

In an attempt to minimize exposure to the Covid-19 virus, English 100 will be a hybrid course. This means that the section will be divided into three cohorts of approximately six students; each cohort will be assigned an on-campus day for face-to-face instruction.

Students are required to participate in a course related activity within the first three days of the start date of the course. Students may be administratively withdrawn from the course and/or may lose financial aid benefits if a qualifying activity has not occurred between the student and the course work or faculty within the first three days of the course. Simply logging into a course online via the Learning Management System (LMS) is not considered a qualifying activity.

Student non-participation during the first 8 days of a course may initiate the administrative course withdrawal process. Student non-participation, mid-course, for 14 consecutive days may also initiate the administrative course withdrawal process.

According to policies and procedures set forth by Ashland University's Department for Veterans' Services, AU will grant any service member requiring more than a 30-day leave a release from coursework. Contact the Office of Veterans' Services for more information regarding this process.


The Incomplete is a temporary grade given to a student who has completed most of the course and has a passing grade but is unable to complete the course for major reasons beyond his/her control (such as a serious medical problem). The Incomplete is not intended for students who simply did not get around to doing all the work during the semester. The University academic calendar lists the final deadline for making up Incompletes each semester.

Grade Appeals

If you believe your academic rights have been violated, you should, if possible, discuss the matter with your instructor. If you wish to appeal the case, you must appeal to the Director of Composition, before going to the department chairperson, or to the Dean and Academic Council, who may confer with the Provost.

Late Work Policy

Each assignment has a due date printed on the assignment sheet. The assignment is due at the beginning of class on the due date.


English 100 Reading and Writing Assignments
Sections B, C, and K, Fall 2020

In the following calendar:

Week 1: August 31 to September 4

Note that you have a brief Short Response assignment due by Wednesday night!

Week 2: September 7 to September 11

The Monday Cohort will not meet this week (Labor Day)

Week 3: September 14 to September 18

Week 4: September 21 to September 25

Your first AMuLit Center appointment will be done by Friday.

Week 5: September 28 to October 2

Week 6: October 5 to October 9

Week 7: October 12 to October 16

Your second AMuLit Center appointment will be done by Friday.

Week 8: October 19 to October 23

The Friday Cohort will not meet this week (Fall Break).

Week 9: October 26 to October 30

Week 10: November 2 to November 6

Week 11: November 9 to November 13

Week 12: November 16 to November 20

Your third AMuLit Center appointment will be done by Friday.

Week 13: November 23 to November 27

This is Thanksgiving Week, so our schedule is quite unusual. This is also the last week we will be on campus.

Week 14: November 30 to December 4

We will not be meeting on campus this week.

Week 15: December 7 to December 11

We will not be meeting on campus this week.

Your fourth AMuLit Center appointment will be done by Friday.

Friday, December 11, 2020, is the last day you may submit any written work.