English 100 Essay #5

Reader Response

Begin by reading:

"The surprising thing Google learned about its employees—and what it means for today's students"

The writing assignment:

Write a 4 page (minimum) essay in which you respond to the content of the essay.

Do you find that your experiences either support or contradict the ideas in the essay? Do you essentially agree or disagree with the essay? Do you find the essay flawed and needing expansion or modification?

Because you are subjectively responding to the text, you may write in the first person. You should choose sections that resonate for you—personally, emotionally, or intellectually. In your analysis of what these sections of the text mean (for you), you will simply be laying out how you respond to them, how the text affects you and what tangible effects it creates within you.

Writing suggestions:

One of your major problems with this course is time. Everything moves so quickly that you do not have time to stare blankly into space trying to dream up the ultimate topic that will change the world and/or knock your teacher's socks off. Remember that a "here's how this makes me feel" essay is not likely to stretch your mind or get a very high grade.

Rather than simply stating your opinion or restating what the author says, aim to take an informed position based on what you have learned. What is at stake? Why do the concepts you're working with matter?

Mechanical details:

Length: The equivalent of a four-page paper. A four-page paper should be between 1200 and 1440 words long, not counting title, your name, etc.

Format: Standard MLA format. (12-point Times Roman type, double-spaced, 1" margin all around, MLA header.)

Submitting the paper:

Due Date

This essay is worth 100 points.