English 100 Essay #2

A Turning Point in My Life

Your Writing Task:

Write a narrative of a turning point in your personal life, focusing on one particular event that changed you.

Skills you should learn in this assignment:

Human beings are natural story-tellers, and if I simply tell a class to "write something about X," 99% will write some sort of story. Those stories, however, are often rambling, confusing, and dull. The skills I want you to work on for this assignment are vividness and focus—making the event come alive with particular details and leaving out the details that are only distracting.

Mechanical details:

Length: The equivalent of a three-page paper. A three-page paper should be between 880 and 1060 words long, not counting title, your name, etc.

Format: Standard MLA format. (12-point Times Roman type, double-spaced, 1" margin all around, MLA header.)

Submitting the paper:

Due Date

This essay is worth 75 points.