English 100 Essay #2

Arguing a Point

Begin by reading "On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read" by David Raymond (available through Blackboard).

The writing assignment:

Raymond received a lot of help from parents, school district, and others. Was this fair? Was this a good use of taxpayer money? Shouldn't his parents have had to pay for the therapy, tutoring, etc.?

In this second essay, choose a side (either that his parents should have had to pay for the therapy themselves or that the school district should have paid for it) and defend your position with facts and logic.

Hints for Success:

Mechanical details:

Length: The equivalent of a two-page paper. A two-page paper should be between 560 and 680 words long not counting title, your name, etc.

Format: Standard MLA format. (12-point Times Roman type, double-spaced, 1" margin all around, MLA header.)

Submitting the paper:

Due Date

This essay is worth 50 points.